Design Process


  1. We provide the inspiration, creative and practical support to help you transform your garden into an outdoor living space, providing you with a personal design for your garden.

  2. A site survey allows the garden designer to be able to assess the conditions of your garden and to plan a design which is individual to your needs.

  3. We use both new and reclaimed products and can provide samples and catalogues from our suppliers for you to choose the very best that suits your individual needs.


  1. Construction is the job in progress.

  2. Clients will be consulted throughout the various stages.

  3. We use only the very best of high quality materials to construct a beautiful garden for you.

  4. From in-house designs and pre-existing plans.

  5. We offer a full project management service from initial setup and material sourcing and samples, through to completion, ensuring the process is hassle free.


  1. Maintaining your garden can be hard work. There is no such thing as a zero maintenance garden – but you can have a very low maintenance garden.

  2. The trick is to create a space that’s easy to care for.

  3. Hard landscaping is obviously the way to add interest.  

  4. Using different materials and clever changes of level with planting that looks good all year round, but needs little care.  

  5. A garden that is used as an outdoor space which you can enjoy.

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Design Process

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